This Weekend: Plan A – Jalapeno Dove Poppers, Plan B – Dinner at the Flagship Whataburger

Jalapeno Dove Poppers, photo via Field & Stream...

In honor of dove season which kicks off this Friday here in south Texas we thought we would throw out a new recipe idea and we even found a bunch of wonderful ones here. But then it happened.  Just the thought of the tried-and-true-amazingly-delicious-finger-licking-good Jalapeno Dove Poppers made us decide otherwise, because, well, it’s like apple pie with a big scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream on the Fourth of July… It’s a tradition, and it’s one of those that you just kind of look forward to, day dreaming, licking your chops because you can almost taste it already.  And, then this one fella over at Field & Stream couldn’t agree more with us that Jalapeno Dove Poppers are “Doggone good! Best Dove Recipe Ever” so we decided to just let it be. (Check out the recipe here.)  But if you’re feeling a little adventurous this year check out some of the recipes from Hunter Angler Gardner Cook because we’re sure they won’t disappoint either. We’re just not ready to let go of our annual Jalapeno Dove Poppers – yet. Unless of course we bring home a whole bunch of doves this weekend. Then we might set some aside for Cajun Grilled Doves or Deep-Fried Dove or Grilled Teriyaki Doves

Flagship Whataburger in Corpus Christi

Although we’re still very optimistic about opening dove weekend here in south Texas, it’s never a bad idea to have a backup plan for dinner, in case it rains out of the blue and all  the birds we’ve been seeing all of a sudden just vanish into thin air… So, if you’re hunting dove in south Texas this year we present Plan B – Dinner at the Flagship Whataburger. Depending on where you’re hunting it’ll be somewhat of a mini road trip since it’s actually located on prime waterfront real estate in Corpus Christi, TX. Let’s just say the mothership of all Whataburgers is more like Whata-view! That said, the Flagship Whataburger on the Bay is not the original burger stand. Rumor has it though that you can still see the original one over on Ayers Street across from Del Mar College, you just can’t eat there because, well, it’s no longer in operation. But hey if you make it out that way you at least get to say you’ve been to the “BIG one” (literally 6,000 sq. ft.) in Corpus Christi, the city where a Texas Treasure was born. If you’re curious you can read a review of the Flagship store here and it’s pretty accurate. You can also read more about Whataburger’s history here. And if you’re in or around George West, TX and to need to resort to Plan B over the weekend, well the Whata-View Whataburger is just 55 miles away in Corpus Christi…

(Photos borrowed from here: Jalapeno Dove Poppers, Flagship Whataburger
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