Fall is upon once again…

The seasons come and go, and fall is finally back here at Rancho Las Norias in south Texas with its beautiful sunsets. Temperatures are currently registering around 10 degrees above normal for this time of year, but we gladly welcome the highs of 80s and the lows of 50s after the summer of record-breaking heat we just endured. We hear a cold front is possibly heading our way very soon, possibly bringing us day-time highs in the delightful 70s. Did we mention whitetail hunting season is finally back too?? Bow hunters have already been out and about enjoying the cooler temperatures for a while now, but general (gun) whitetail season kicks off this weekend! Have you figured out where you’ll be hunting your whitetail this year? Here in Texas you can harvest a max of five (5) whitetails per season, and no more than 3 of these may be bucks. (Note: Some counties may have other restrictions so make sure you look up and know the rules about where you’ll be hunting!) If you’re still looking for a place to hunt, you’re in luck because we still have a few weekends available for whitetail hunts this fall out here at Rancho Las Norias. Contact us for more information and book your weekend today before they’re all gone.

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