Think you know everything there is to know about whitetail deer?

Well think again dear friend (no pun intended.) Even experts – i.e. researchers and wildlife biologists – admit we actually still have a lot to learn about these beautiful graceful animals… For example, we still know very little about their vision. We assume they have amazing vision because we can’t sneak up on them very well, but could it be it’s because they’ve got great scent detection? What we do know for certain according to this pretty interesting study is that whitetail deer only see yellow and blue, and that more importantly they see UV, which is actually really bad news if you camo-up. Why? Well most camo gear is produced using UV dyes, and turns out that the UV in camo prints reflects light in the blue frequency spectrum so to quote this article directly, when you’re in camo “you’re glowing like a blue Popsicle” to a deer.

That said, here’s a few more interesting things you probably don’t know about whitetail deer… Did you know that every buck has a shot at mating during rut, including the young fellas? Yep. Click here to read up on a study published in the Journal of Mammology on the topic. And, did you that if you see a buck still in velvet late in the season you don’t have to set up an appointment with your ophthalmologist because it’s actually quite possible and there’s a logical explanation for it? Or how about that whitetail deer “sleep” in 30 second increments alternating with states of high alertness? You can read more about all three of these interesting whitetail deer facts and a three others equally interesting here.

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