We observe our wildlife regularly, and have several
hunting blinds strategically located throughout
our high-fenced property.

Our goal is to provide hunters with a reasonable opportunity to harvest deer/exotic (as agreed to prior to hunt), thus the Rancher or ranch staff will personally guide hunters out to one of our comfortable 4′ x 6′ blinds based on recent wildlife movement/observations. Morning hunts leave 30 minutes before sunrise, and evening hunts leave around 5pm and return at dusk.

In the event that opportunity does not present itself, the hunter may return to hunt again at a mutual acceptable date. If a shot is attempted and an deer is wounded, the obligation of Rancho Las Norias has been met and every reasonable attempt will be made to recover the wounded deer. However, this is not a guaranteed hunt, and the hunter may go home empty handed. Wounded animals – any animal leaving a blood trail – will be charged the same as a kill.

Be sure to follow all instructions given by your guide.
Your guide will identify the animal to be harvested prior to taking a shot. You must receive approval from the guide before any shot.

We take safety very seriously.
Prior to any hunting, each hunter will be required to demonstrate shooting skills at the rifle range. In addition, all hunters, prior to arrival at the ranch, will be required to acknowledge and sign a “Hunt Contract and Liability Indemnification Agreement.” Hunters may bring their own alcohol that may be consumed at camp site after the day’s last hunt.  If alcohol is consumed during the day in between hunts, Rancho Las Norias reserves the right to cancel hunts if they deem the hunter is intoxicated at the time of the hunt.

All Hunters Will…
…. obtain a Texas hunting license before arrival at the ranch.
…. be required to acknowledge and sign the “Hunt Contract and Liability Indemnification Agreement.”
…. abide by the laws of the United States of America, State of Texas and Live Oak County, and including rules set by Rancho Las Norias.
… be personally guided by one of our ranch staff guides. The guide will determine the classification of all bucks prior to harvest and advise of any additional Trophy Fee, if any.

What to Bring
Meals, unless coordinating with the Ranch
Snacks and drinks
Rifle – Not less than a .243 rifle, zeroed in at 100 yards at Rancho Las Norias.
No assault rifles permitted on property
Hunting Attire
Personal Items
Cooler suitable to transport your harvested animal
Valid Texas Hunting License
Hunters Safety Certification, if applicable

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