Hurricane Irene floods the east coast, and we’re still waiting for rain…

We’re just about half-way through hurricane season here in south Texas and we’re still waiting for rain, any kind of rain – a drizzle, an afternoon shower, a storm, a hurricane… Meanwhile the northeast, already completely saturated from previous drenching summer downpours, is now dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Irene, bracing for the worst as rivers continues to rise and severe flooding seems inevitable. Oh the irony. Surely hurricane Irene was meant for us, but just took a wrong turn somewhere and was too proud to stop and ask for directions… We’ve been watching and tracking her ever since she first appeared on the map, hoping, crossing our fingers, praying that she’d make her way to us. But no, she obviously had her sights set on big city lights. She sent east coast residents into a frenzy, New Yorkers panicking as reality set in (and rightfully so), yet here in south Texas we would have welcomed hurricane Irene with open arms, maybe even thrown her a big party too. We would have definitely soaked her up with no fear of flooding. Oh well, maybe the next hurricane will get it right and come our way.

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