2012 Annual Choke Canyon Birding Festival canceled – But you can still go out on your own

If you’re getting frustrated searching and searching and searching for information about the Annual Choke Canyon Birding Festival that usually takes place the first weekend in February please be advised that it has actually been canceled this year. According to the Three River’s Chamber of Commerce several reasons lead the group to make the hard decision, including the severe Texas drought that has been taking a toll on wildlife in the area as well as the lack of accommodations in the area due the recent up tick of activity at the Eagle Ford Shale.

That said, if you don’t mind roughing it for a few days and camping at the Calliham section of the state park (more info here) you can still head out to Choke Canyon State Park on your own this weekend and do your own exploring and birding. During the 2011 festival avid birders spotted 76 different birds out at Choke Canyon. You can read about one birder’s experience here and check out some of her beautiful photos from the 2011 Choke Canyon Birding Festival here. This year there’s really no telling what you might see hiding out in the gently-rolling brushlands and stream valleys of the park. The Texas drought has indeed been brutal on local wildlife so you may not see as much as you would during a good year. BUT you may also be lucky enough to some see rare birds that have been showing up in the area lately – possibly from the pressures of the drought – one of the most recent spottings being a northern jacana.

Northern Jacana

If you go on your own…
Here’s a little sneak peek of what *might* await you at Choke Canyon…

(This video was recorded/uploaded over one year ago…) 

How to get there…
Choke Canyon State Park is located on the 26,000-acre Choke Canyon Reservoir, just 10 miles west of Three Rivers,TX on Highway 72, and consists of two units: South Shore and Calliham. Learn more about Choke Canyon State Park here.

Good to know before you go…
Camping is only available/allowed in Calliham unit of the park.
Calliham Unit: 2 miles of hiking trails, a mile-long bird trail with feeders and a wildlife educational center that offers educational programs.
South Shore Unit: day trip only, 0.25-mile hiking trail, together with a 0.25 birding trail.

(Photo borrowed from here)
(Video borrowed from this avid outdoors man) 

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